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2011 brings exciting, new opportunities for us to reclaim our country for conservatism. As Congress begins a new session this week, it is important for us to renew our commitment to help restore this country to its founding principles. The following information will provide updates on legislative battles, as well as some exciting events taking place in January and February.

Repealing the new healthcare bill
Acting on a promise many of them made during their election campaigns, the House Republicans are vowing to repeal the new healthcare bill. According to Reuters, a vote to repeal the bill is scheduled for January 12th.

While the measure will pass the House, it will face an uphill battle in the Senate since Democrats still hold the majority. Even if the “repeal vote” does not pass the Senate, there is still a chance to “kill the bill” by defunding it, which Republicans in the House plan to do. Click here view the proposed repeal bill.

The repeal vote is only the first step in a multi-pronged approach to reverse the government takeover of our healthcare system. Many groups within Tea Party Patriots (TPP) organization have been diligently working on various efforts to attack this bureaucratic beast – one of those efforts is the Health Care Compact.

Since November, TPP coordinators have been working with Eric O’Keefe of the Sam Adams Alliance to make these compacts become a reality. Once the language is finalized, we will be calling on you to help us urge our state legislature to join the compact. (See the Weekly Standard article for more information on the Compacts.

There is another exciting front that is taking place in New Jersey. Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots has joined with other NJ Tea Party groups to file a lawsuit against the federal government. Click here for a presentation of the lawsuit. Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots is encouraging all freedom-loving citizens across the nation to join them in this class-action suit.

Upcoming debt-ceiling battle
As many of you know, there is talk of raising the debt ceiling once again. While we are hearing the familiar “must-pass-to-advert-a-crisis” mantra, there are voices of common-sense like Sen. Jim DeMint, who are demanding spending cuts as an alternative. (See full article.)

We understand the gravity of this issue; however, before we accept a hasty “must-pass” decision, let’s urge our congressmen and senators to explore all options and not let the crisis rhetoric manipulate them into a decision that will hurt us in the long run.

Tea Party welcomes 112th Congress
As the new Congress convenes on January 5th, incoming freshmen and incumbents will be welcomed by the Tea Party Patriots. A group of TPP coordinators and members will be making rounds, greeting elected officials with a simple message – principle over party.

The following are letters the TPP members will be handing out to the incoming Congress:
112th Senate Incumbents letter 
112th Senate Freshmen letter   
112th House Incumbents letter
112th House Freshmen letter

Ohio’s 129th General Assembly in session
On Monday, the Ohio House and Senate began with the swearing in of elected officials, which was broadcasted on the Ohio Channel. Both chambers, which now hold a Republican majority, elected new presidents: Senator Tom Neihaus (OH-14) in the Senate and Representative Bill Batchelder (OH-69) in the House.

If you are interested in watching the newly elected officials’ induction, please click on the following videos links for Senate and House

Congressman Jim Renacci holds first town hall
Unlike our last congressman, Representative Jim Renacci is committed to meeting with constituents on a regular basis. His first meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 10th.

For all those who have questions or concerns about the current healthcare bill, the possible raising of the debt ceiling or any other issue, we encourage you to attend the meeting. We appreciate Congressman Renacci’s willingness to meet face-to-face with those in the 16th congressional district. We hope that he will not only hear but also listen to the concerns of We the People.

Date/time: Monday, January 10th from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Location: Walsh University, 2020 East Maple Street, North Canton, Ohio 44720. Town hall will be held in the Barrette Business and Community Center (auditorium).

"Why America? An evening with Dr. Peter Schramm"
The Wadsworth 9.12 group is hosting “Why America? An evening with Dr. Peter Schramm” on Thursday, February 3rd. You are cordially invited to attend this special event as Dr. Schramm shares his thoughts on America’s exceptionalism.

Dr. Schramm was born in post-war Hungary. Recounting stories of his father’s struggles against Nazi Germany and later, his family’s struggles against Communist Russia, Dr. Schramm brings to life the horrors of these conflicts and how their dream of immigrating to America kept them going. As a young Hungarian immigrant, he tells of his boyhood in America and his journey back to Europe.

With his unique background, Dr. Schramm offers an interesting perspective on American exceptionalism. He is the Executive Director of the Ashbrook Center and a Professor of Political Science at Ashland University.

We invite you to bring your family and friends and allow him to share his poignant recollections as to “Why America?” This may be especially important for your children to hear.

Date/time: Thursday, February 3rd at 7:00 PM
Location: Wadsworth Church of the Nazarene, 743 High Street, Wadsworth

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